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What I´ve learned about feminism (from modern progressive well-minded leftist men)

6. června 2018 v 21:51 | Melkora |  Feminism and women rights, english

Men often explain things to me. They do it kindly, patiently and with a great confidence. They don´t let themselves be stopped by such a trifle, that nobody´ve asked them in the first place. They understand that I, as a weak woman, not only need their expertise, but I also don´t realize I need it.
They explain various things to me ! Things they know as much as I do. Things they know as little as I do, things they know less than I do, and most of all, things they, from the very principle, can not know as well as I do.
These seem to be the most popular.
For example, the right-winged men are happy to explain to me how to be a proper wife and mother.
The leftists, on the other side, are thriving on explaining how to be a proper feminist.

Here are some pivotal perceptions and ideas that I´ve learned from these men.

1. It´s necessary not to be too heavy-handed with the Equality thing.

2. It´s really crucial not to be too heavy-handed! And we should always keep it in our minds.

3. It is essential for feminists to have men on their side. Nothing really works without men!

4. If you are a feminist, it is necessary to be kind, helpful, patient and especially careful. To prevent the potential male allies from being scared away and from strengthen their belief that women are really second-rate.

5. Convincing men that women are not second-rate is a woman's job.

6. Patriarchy oppresses men.

7. Feminism should deal with how patriarchy oppresses men. This is an important and crucial issue.

8. Feminism shouldn´t deal with how men profit from the patriarchy. By pointing out that men are enjoying undeserved benefits, we would only further discourage the potential male allies.

9. It must be clearly declared, how men can benefit from feminism.

11. Feminism that does´t benefit men is selfish and exclusionary.

12. Misandry! It exists and it is as bad as misogyny. Therefore it´s necessary to crush these both with the same intensity. Misandry, in particular, should be fought against especially by the female feminists to prove their male allies, they are not hateful towards men.

13. Proving to men, that they are not hateful towards them is a woman's job.

14. Men are up to decide what is and what is not misandry. When a man says, it is a misandry, than it is a misandry. Female objections are just another manifestation of said misandry.

15. It is necessary to create an environment within the feminist movement, cozy and friendly enough for men to feel comfortable in it.

16. As soon as the male feminist ceases to feel good, women should drop everything and take care of his comfort. For example, it is convenient to emphasize that not all men are the same and that we are well aware of it. This procedure must be repeated until the male feminist acknowledges that everything is all right again.

17. The man's feeling of discomfort is equally condemnable and bad as a long-standing, measurable and demonstrable oppression of women.

18. Discrimination against women should never be discussed in a way that would put men in a bad light.

19. The male voice should be heard in feminism! The male opinion on a stuff typically affecting women is just as valid as the opinion of a woman who´ve experienced that stuff herself.

20. Male feminists are precious and rare. Women should pamper them and be grateful for them.

And the main thing: Feminism is great! Well ... it would be if we, the women, finally give the guys their turn.

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