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#MeToo, Of Women Who Believe in Patriarchy

14. února 2018 v 1:49 | Melkora |  Feminism and women rights, english

My last #Metoo article has become a source of discussion flame on a social network. Which, in fact, was quite expected! Claiming men to be a problem is always considered a controversial statement even in the context of more serious phenomenon, such as mass rape, during wartime conflicts, let alone "simple" sexual harassment in the workplace.
But there wasn´t just the usual response from the "How dare you?!" men, I have already dealt with in several previous articles. This time women took a side as well. Not such the amazons, always willing to throw themselves into a battle for men´s sake, in foolish hope to be considered cool girls, who don´t let themselves to be fooled by some wacky feminism. Nor were they women willing to throw themselves into a battle against men for other women´s sake.
These were such ladies, who hope to have the best of both worlds. Sometimes they call themselves liberal feminists, but I have dared to rename them. I call them, "Women who believe in the Patriarchy."
To sort it out, we´ll have to take it from the very beginning.

So! Let us suppose that there´s a social system, where one group of people has obviously undue advantages over another. (We don´t have to try really hard, do we?) Then it is necessary to ask ourselves, who has set up the system, who keeps it going, who is preying on it. Which group of people benefit from abasement of others. By which means they keep the other group in subordinate position.

It is not an unnecessary pastime, but a crux condition to improve the situation, because only what has been well diagnosed, can be well treated.

But, who would suppose it, the class of oppressors doesn´t usually want to hear about any healing, moreover is willing to try to prevent the social patology. They often regard their advantages as deserved or natural and their loss as an injustice.
When the oppressed strike it lucky, they realize how tremendous crap it is and ignore it.
But if we, women are the oppressed class, we are in huge trouble, because we have to overcome not only the resistance of the oppressors, but also our own socialisation, which tells us that we, in the first place, are supposed to be good girls, who everybody (men) likes and when we make anybody (men) uncomfortable, we should be ashamed of outselves!
And men are usually don´t like us and feel uncomfortable, when we raise our voices for our defense.
But there is a certain group of women who would like to defend themselves, but don´t want to get scolded (and who would blame them) Therefore, for the purpose of comforting men and gaining their support, they´ve created a bogeyman from another dimension, called Patriarchy.
This mysterious creature, according to their beliefs, not expected,not summoned, descended on our world, and now he is detrimental to it in especially heinous way. No one knows, how he´s appeared here or why he's doing, what´s he doing. And honestly, nobody is really trying ro puzzle it out. After all he´s a bogey, what would you expect from him?
For some reason, he oppresses women more. Why he´ve chosen presisely them? We´ll just never know! But what´s trully important, is to repeatedly emphasize, that this bogey, the damm scoundrel, harms men as well. Again, we don´t know, why it is so necessary to talk about this all the time. Grouches are muttering that it has something to do with the fact that till something doesn´t affect men, it is not a matter of interest, but we don´t talk to these morons anyway.
So! The evil ghost called Patriarchy damages men, as we have already made clear. This cruel oppression has mysteriously caused the men in our society to hold all material wealth, decision-making powers and social capital. Despite these unquestionable advantages, however, perhaps thanks to the dark spells of the evil sorcerer Patriarchy, they are unable to bend the existing social sphere in their favor and overthrow the cruel Patriarchy's tyranny.
In some mysterious way it makes sense, at least women, who believe in Partiarchy swear a solemn oath, it does. It may not make sence to you, but shhh, don´t mention in front of them. In their opinion, it is an unmistakable sign of you being evil.

But back to Patriarchy! Now we have clarified, how it goes with him and why he is dangerous. Are you afraid? Right? Then take it easy! No need to sink into despair! Women who believe in Patriarchy have a solution, and if you are just a litte bit keen on sixties, you´ll love it! In essence, it consist in finding a nice, cozy place to gather everyone, who was hurt, by Partiarchy´s tyrany, which means women - and men, along with those who keep him in power. Thus men - and women! (Note that it´s necessary not to be too specific, not to point at anyone and not to exclude anyone, because then we wouldn´t be the good girl and nobody (men) would like us.) And at this cozy place, we´ll have it out with each other because it's really just one big stupid misunderstanding. It is possible to brab each others hands and sing Kumbaya, but it is voluntary. What is important is that Patriarchy, when sees it, will jump and flee.

Well, and that is essentially the point of the liberal conception, which for some reason, is considerinf itself to be feminism.
Such a definition of the patriarchy is certainly very interesting and worthy of reflection, for one reason.
It completely, utterly and perfectly removes any responsibility for the current state of affairs from the shoulders of men as a class and shifts it to an undefined and definabled entity from the outside. Sometimes even to women themselves!
And that's a big problem!

Why it´s a problem?

Pecause the reality rather different. Although the patriarchy is real, there is no need to be afraid of a terrible creature from another dimension. Patriarchy is a social system! A system created and maintained by people, with a clear intent and for a specific purpose. Namely, by male people for the purpose of exploiting women and maintaining them in their subordinate status.
All women! Woman as a whole!
And all men benefit from it, no matter at what level of social rank they are. Even the ones on the bottom of society. Even the progressive,men liberalto the bruise of bones screaming, they are allies three times a day. Even these benefit from patriarchy, removed all female competition out of their way and safely cleaned them away in the kitchens. Even such men are favored, whether they like it or not, whether they admit it or not.

And how is it with the assertion of those "liberal feminists" that the evil Patriarchy crushes men too?
No, it doesn´t!
Of course, keeping women (or anyone else, by the way) in a subordinate position is difficult, because people usually don´t want to be in a subordinate position. The class of oppressors is forced to exert a certain, sometimes considerable, effort to maintain power and are not always successful. Sometimes they fail as a whole, sometimes only its individual members. They are often punished for their failed attempts of dominance, mostly by their peers, sometimes cruelly.
However, this is by no means a systemic oppression and it can´t be compared to the situation of women in patriarchy. It is the price men pay for their artificially maintained social superiority!
To make it clear! In the patriarchy, men can be punished for how they behave. On the other hand, women are punished allways, simply because they are women. And the fact that someone doesn´t excel in the controling of others doesn´t make him oppressed.

The narrative of women believing in Patriarchy is problematic even for another reason. It creates similar incomparable analogies and permits offenders to claim the status of victim.

Why do women do this?
Well, I don´t want to be unfair. Perhaps they are afraid, perhaps they believe, that without male "allies" they are helpless. After all, we all were brought up to be good girls and rely on male help.
Anyway, whatever these women hope for, they are doomed. Most men have already taken comfort with the anti-feminist cool girls, and those who are enthusiastic about "men focused feminism" are not much of help either.

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