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#MeToo, Sexual harassment, a definition for men

3. prosince 2017 v 21:37 | Melkora |  Feminism and women rights, english

The #MeToo campaign, which deals with sexual aggression against women, is still running and seems to be unstoppable. The stir on social networks doesn´t quench, and probably will not be so soon. Originally, this modern phenomenon arose from the affair of a powerful producer and breasted pervert Harvey Weinstein, but eventually spread all over the world, leading to the discovery of an extraordinary number of predators, and securing public attention and headlines on renowned media sites to the issue of sexual harrasment.
And because each action provokes a reaction, men raised their voices along with the women´s. Surprisingly, not with apologies and promises to change their ways. Or at least to keep an eye on their errant "companions". No! The men are trying very hard, to shut the women up.

They are trying in many ways. Here they are shifting the guilt on the women themselves, there they are accusing them of pathological mendacity, or they are taking an oath on the male nature, and so on. They have shown themselves to be very creative in this respect.
One of many such practices is equivocating.

It essentially consists of the fact that the representative of the stronger sex firmly insists that he does not understand what sexual harassment is and that it is an act indistinguishable from ordinary flirting.
"Do you want me to stop courting women? Let me forever leave a seduction? Do you want to stop the sensual spark between me and my employees or colleagues?"
And to answer honestly: Actually ... yes! If you are not able to recognize, if you are still courting a woman and when you are already harrasing her, leave court. Forever! In fact, I would go further and recommend you to anxiously avoiding anything woman-like and ideally not leaving your apartment. You would benefit all mankind!
However, I realize that this is somehow unrealistic, so I have prepared some simple and clear definitions of sexual harassment after which everything should be crystal clear at last.

Sexual harassment, definition:

Definition # 1: It's all that you've been taught since your early days, you are not allowed to do to women.

Definition # 2: That, your mum gave you a spanking for, after she´d learned, you did it to your girl schoolmates.

Definition # 3: That, what causes you a hysterical fit every time you hear, that someone´s done it to your female partner.

Definition # 4: That, what you do to women without asking them, because you know, that if you asked, not only you would be sent somewhere far and deep, but probably also with a nice, noisy slap on your face.

Definition # 5: That, what you won´t stop doing to women, despite their apparent discomfort and more or less expressed attempts to get rid of you.

Definition # 6: That, what you do to your female subordinates, because you know they are the only ones who don´t dare to refuse you.

Definition # 7: That, what you are doing to women to demonstrate your power and domination over them and remind them of their subordinate position.

Definition # 8: That, what you do to demonstrate your power and domination over women in front of other men.

Definition # 9: That, what you do to women, when you don´t care what they think of you.

Definition # 10: That, what you do to women, despite being aware, that their response to your actions will be at best, indeed the best, their indifference.

Definition # 11: That, what you do, to get rid of your anger and revenge. For instance for them surpassing you in everything mentionable, for their lack of interest in you and their unwillingness to have sex with you even if you were the last guy in the world.

Definition # 12: That, what you to women when they don´t really matter to you. What you do to them just for yourself. To get your own frustrations and complexes out of your embarrassing, ridiculous and completely useless existence. (Which is, by the way, something you may be just deluding yourself into believing, but rather not.)

Definition # 13: That, what is causing you gay panic attacks, because you're convinced, that gay men will treat you the same way, you treat women.

Definition # 14: All that you do not do to women, when you really want to seduce them, whether you are trying to push them into a bed or into a marriage. If you want to seduce a woman, you are avoiding nearly anxiously anything, that could irritate her, even if it were to be some small silliness.

Only when you resign definitively to any attempts of seduction, that´s the point where the sexual harassment begins. Sexual harassment is all within you that does not rooted in admiration, respect, and desire. Not at all out of love! Just out of hatred! From sorrow, from wounded vanity, from disdain for uncontrolled lust and unmanageable sexuality. Of course, your own!
The worst thing about it is, that somewhere deep inside you know it. You just do not want to admit it. You do not dare to face your own demons. To spit your disgust on women just seems easier.

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